The why


Person Lying on Concrete during Daytime


Why do we have to have the same ideas of success? Why do we all need to follow the same steps to achieve goals? Why is it imperative everyone run in the rat race? Why do we lose ourselves in the chase for titles given to us by other people? Why are those who don’t want them frowned upon? Why are those who seek a quiet life called unambitious? Why does everyone have to marry in their twenties? Why do we have to have kids just because we got married? Why do we need hundreds of goals and side hustles to validate our existence? Why must we justify our lives to the world? Why do we need to feel ashamed of our bad choices? Why is being rich the only measure of success these days? Why isn’t keeping love easy anymore? Why is it so hard to meet someone when people are everywhere you go? Why is everyone obsessed with fitness? Why do people base connections on meaningless things? Why don’t we open up to others more? Why are we all in a hurry? Why do we put time limits and age limits on everything? Why can’t our bodies look better? Why can’t our faces look different?  Why do we want the things we want? Is it because it’s what the world told us to want to want or is it what we want all on our own? Why don’t people focus more on their character? Why is everything moving so fast?

But also, why is everything moving so slow? 

6 thoughts on “The why

    1. Yes! And then spend our days comparing what we acquired and rather than feel pleased, feel stressed because it isn’t as much or the same as whoever we think has the ideal life.


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