The little things

The twenties decade is one that is filled with self-discovery. In love, in life, in your career, in friendships and travels. But there’s an area of myself that first appeared when I was about 24 which has now become a full-blown part of me that I’m quite loving. My love of interior décor.

I wonder if this a turning point in the lives of all older twenty year old’s? The one nobody talks about. And I can understand that, on a Saturday night out, with conversations buzzing over travel tales, fashion and boys, nobody wants to be that person who interrupts with a little monologue about the latest in kettle and lamp designs. You will definitely be marked for life. But if we never discuss it then how would we know just how many of us are secretly consumed with drooling over bed linen and pedestals or beautiful tea sets?

Two sugars and cream, please.

When I started my ‘interiors’  board on Pinterest four years ago, it was mostly due to there being an overwhelming amount of charming kitchens and snug living room pictures floating around that I could not resist curating. It was like catnip to me. Decorating hypothetical rooms in my hypothetical house was just a fun thing to do. A pleasant way to pass some time. Yet as addictive as it was to sit transfixed at my computer, pinning away for hours, once I logged off I never gave it a second thought.

But this board has now come to mean more to me than a pass time. A few months ago I spent three hours of my life (yes, really) spring cleaning this board, tossing out old ideas then sifted through hundreds of pictures that represent me now and this burgeoning homeware affection. I slowly realised I was thinking about interiors almost as much as writing and skincare. And that I suddenly wanted to buy furniture more than I wanted to buy clothes. (WHO AM I?).

I seriously consider things like feature walls, tile designs, colour palettes. I think about a cosy French theme vs minimal Upper East Side. I ask myself, do I want an entire room filled with books or will it be too overwhelming and should I go for just one big wall, horizontally packed with all my favourites? The wooden ladder is a given either way.


I spend an inordinate amount of time these days browsing through all the online home stores and websites I stumble into, I get absorbed in the cyberspace vortex, oohing and aahing over chairs. Yes, chairs. Beautiful, comfortable, chairs.

A very good looking chair
 And sofas too and coffee tables and carpet patterns and mirror frames. I ruminate over  the size of a clock, the curve of a vase, curtains or blinds?
Let’s not even get started on my fascination with kettles. I adore kettles. Often overlooked as just a boring old vessel to boil water, it’s probably the most used appliance in the house, easily the hardest working and it generously, punctually makes us the most soothing drinks, i.e. hot chocolate and cup-a-soups.
Kettles should not be taken for granted. Imagine boiling your tea water in a dainty  darling of a kettle and drinking out of an ambrosial tea cup and saucer, I mean whoever thinks of pampering themselves in that way? Hopefully sipped on whilst sitting on a comfortable, good-looking chair, watching the world through the window.
It’s the little things done in a beautiful way that gives boring, day-to-day activities some type of glamour.
”Remember the tea kettle, always up to its neck in water and still it sings.”
I think essentially, the genuine interest in homeware and interiors is something everyone eventually cops on to. At a certain age you find that you prefer staying in to going out. And then you begin to look at your surrounds and want to beautify it a bit. Buy a rug here, a plant there. Add a coat rail or a headboard, you know, fill in the gaps.
I think fully recognising your home, the place that shelters you and contains all of your memories and keeps you warm, as something to invest in, is a normal expansion in our self-evolution.You want to make it homey and that makes sense, it IS your home, however big or small, whether an apartment or house, if you do it cheap chic or luxury galore. Even if it takes you months to save for that retro, Manhattan sofa and vintage coffee table or whether you drop cash money every weekend on luxe pieces (if you do, lets be friends! call me?).
 If it doesn’t look good on the outside, hey, you can make it gorgeous on the inside. If you hate that you don’t have a garden, create a weekly flower fund and fill your rooms up with fancy blossoms and your window sills with fragrant herbs. If you can’t live in the country, go rustic with the décor, bring the country to your home, right there, in the middle of the concrete city.
Surround yourself with cheerful things so you can feel happy everyday. Create your own world, who says you can’t?
”When I was at home, I was in a better place.” William Shakespeare.

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