Thank you, Bridget Jones


When I found myself single at the tail end of my twenties I was quite honestly, terrified. There I was the Always In A Long-Term Relationship Girl, flung out into the world on my own, while everyone around me was either coupled up, married or about to have their second child. From day-to-day my moods swung from serenity and even happiness at being single to extreme panic and anxiety, especially when the troubling question, that plagued one of the finest single heroines of our time, began to circulate my mind too, ‘’What IF they find me all alone one day half-eaten by Alsations?’’

I was in want of a guide and in need of comfort from a woman who understood what I was going through, who had been there before and who could lower the pull –bridge from the other side, welcoming me with a beverage and a ‘’It’s all going to turn out alright.’’ So naturally, I turned to the most reliable woman I could think of in that regard and she was none other than Bridget Jones.

And so I got to gathering all the intel I could, books were downloaded, DVDs were proliferated, snacks were purchased and the surreptitious therapy sessions began. Look, I know I could very well have sought advice from a friend IRL, but as they were all either loved up or with child, I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have believed a word they said. I needed the sustentation of the single girl who knew all too well the purgative benefits of a Saturday night spent singing along to Celine Dion’s All By Myself (air drum solo mandatory) unearthing  feelings of fear and misery while simultaneously being soothed by the dulcet tones of the piano and a steady supply of chocolate.

Ms Jones appeal, for me, besides the fact that I freakin’ adore her, is that she is an Every Woman. She’s the embodiment of all modern women going at it solo, who have moments of strength and moments of weakness. She is also timeless, considering she first appeared in the world in the 90’s and here I am in 2016 holding on to her story and feeling inspired, proves she’s transcended the years, more relevant now than ever before.

But Bridge is more than just a lighthouse for us Singletons, she is also an ambitious career woman trying to juggle it all as best she can. Who really wants to find issues such as global politics, especially in Chechnya, very important but just can’t help being more interested in the colour of her knickers or the perfect hairdo to go with her evening gown. A dilemma even the most serious of women find themselves in a quandary over, too.

Bridget makes it okay for us to admit to not being perfect. She reminds us we can let go and make fools of ourselves sometimes and to definitely make peace with that blank stare we had one time when asked a question of a scientific nature. She represent us women who are feminists and who band together to scorn over the heart break done to us by scoundrel men but who also want to find that happily ever after and settle into a life of marital bliss, we too want to gaze fondly at our very own Mr Darcy who folds his underwear and loves us just as we are.

My favourite moment was just after the hilarious Darcy/Cleaver fight and Daniel says, ‘’Come on Bridget, we belong together – you, me, poor little skirt. If I can’t make it with you then I can’t make it with anyone.’’ And our girl replies, ‘’That’s not a good enough offer for me.’’ My heart explodes every time with voluminous love for her, for me and all the Bridget’s everywhere. It is a turning point for her, and a pivotal moment which signifies that while we might not have it all figured out yet, what we’ve learned through the tragic and comic stumbles in our journey to true love, is the realisation that we are worthy of better. And this is the apex to our self-actualisation, the catalyst to indeed finding the quality love we deserve.

Being single is not always easy but is fun. It’s the final joyride before the decades of quiet matrimony to come and rest assured, they will come. It is the necessary rite of passage to a more vibrant, self-assured you.

So thank you, Bridget Jones, for this enormous gift you’ve supplied us called hope.

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