13 types of rude people that live among us

*Warning: This post might make you a little ragey (I know I was writing it), please make sure you have a chocolate close by before reading.*


Having come across my fair share of rude people, especially in 2015, this post has been brewing for months and so I finally got down to it. Meeting people with really good manners is very hard to come by these days which is so ironic considering we live in a time where people are so much more self-aware you know ”working on themselves” so ”evolved” and so on and so forth. It’s like people don’t know how to behave in a decent way toward others anymore.

I know, I know the world is SO BUSY these days but that’s no excuse AT ALL for being rude and anyway everyone knows ”busy” is just one of many loopholes created by people who want to get away with being shitty people. So without further ado here’s my list of the worst offenders (in my opinion).

1.People who knock or ring on a bell over and over until you get to the door/open up –  It is so stressful when someone knocks continuously not to mention so very rude of them to make another person rush around in their own home just because they don’t have the patience to wait for two minutes. No one is just standing behind doors, waiting just waiting to be summoned so they can open up for you. People are doing things. CALM DOWN.

2.People who are always late or who let you know they will be late when it’s too late – There’s no way that they don’t know that you will be late to a thing. Everyone can gauge situations and tell time so when they do definitely realise they will be late and don’t let a person know with a quick text or even better a call it just screams ”I don’t respect your time” and it’s a lack of the most basic of manners. They’re saying that they know you’re waiting but they don’t care, you wait, their time’s more precious than yours. Erm no mate, it’s not.

3. People who don’t return an ”and you?” when asked how they are and people who don’t say goodbye at the end of a call – I know this may be seen like a small thing but when a person bothers to ask someone how they’re doing it’s just nice and polite to return the gesture. They don’t even have to care how the person is doing but just saying ”and you?” makes the other person not feel like they don’t matter. And then those special people who who ring off on a call without saying goodbye, it’s just one word it takes less than a second to say it. You’re just rude.

4.Parents that don’t reprimand their kids when they are blatantly disrespectful in public/to others – I’ll just say this – one day when that kid is disrespectful right back at you, parent, don’t wonder where it all went wrong. This would be it.

5. People who constantly ask (more like plague) you with ”when are you getting married/having a baby” etc. – Firstly, it’s none of your business. Secondly, it’s none of your business. Thirdly, you ain’t even getting an invite to the wedding/birth celebration, etc. pal, so just shut it, please. Thank you 🙂

6. Men who speak disrespectfully to women – Of course this goes without saying men who beat women are the most vile of all. But there are a lot of men among us who just don’t know how to speak respectfully to a woman. Which clearly shows they weren’t raised with any manners and what’s worse is there’s a lot of women who put up with this and so they never learn any better. Sad.

7. People who get on elevators before the people in the elevator have gotten off – Do they even know how to behave in a society???

8. People who read your message and don’t reply for hours sometimes even days – You know why right? They’re ”so busy!!!” No they’re not that busy, they have time, they do eat, they do have a minute to spare, they just don’t think you’re important enough for them to get back to right now  which effectively means they’re not nice people and they definitely lack manners. (This applies to people who do this over and over again, proving this is a character trait and not a random once off).

9. People who borrow something of yours and return it in a worse condition – There are no words for these monsters.

10. People who don’t respect your personal space or who use your stuff without asking first – They want to do something and they want to do it NOW! So they lose all sense of decency and courteousness and don’t even use the one second it takes to ask the other person before taking over/using something. People who just don’t respect your space and invade or get too close, BACK OFF HUMAN.

11. People who sit with others and purposefully leave them out – Nothing but insecurity and immaturity. If they sit with a group and leave one or two people out on purpose for no reason, they are horrible people. Also sad this is more commonly found among women than men. Cut off ties with people like this.

12. People who pop in for a visit totally unannounced  – Unless you’re popping in to your folks place, the rest of the world would like a heads up before you arrive. Just to, you know, tidy up a bit, buy some biscuits to give you with tea and possibly brush their hair before you get there. Just a thought!

13. People who don’t smile back – Whyyyyy????!!!











26 thoughts on “13 types of rude people that live among us

  1. This made me laugh because we must come across at least one of these people everyday! And number 7 also made me think about the rage I experience when people get on the tube before the other passengers have gotten off!!! Brilliant!


  2. I agree with all of these, but especially 3, 7, and 13. Why can’t people say goodbye before hanging up the phone?! And let the people off the elevator first, please!!! And people who don’t smile back have no soul.


  3. Haha this was so funny ! and I’m guilty of the first two 😳! But I only ring the bell like crazy at my parents house to let them know it’s means but some crazy relative they have to hide from 🙃. The second one well its embarrassing but I’m habitually late 😐 Lol I hope we can still be friends though ☺️!


  4. No. 8 I had a chat with a subscriber who scolded readers for not responding to his request for comments. I reminded him I was still waiting for a reply to a comment I sent two weeks ago. It’s still there on the post, unanswered. And he did it again just now after engaging me in conversation. No. 8 is my biggest pet peeve. You’re right. People who do that just don’t care about you. It’s bizarre to think anyone would be so rude on purpose, but there it is. I loved your post, by the way. That was an interesting list. xo


    1. It’s also my biggest pet peeve, takes nothing to even send a reply saying ”I’ll respond later.” Just some acknowledgement. Funny thing I find with each passing day is, the more social media ”brings us together” the further away from one another people have become. I miss the Nokia 3310 days. Thanks for reading!

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