The blogging niche conundrum



I was thinking about this topic after going through the posts sitting in my drafts folder and I realised that 5 out of the 7 of them were about either – writing, creativity or books. Now, when I started blogging originally in 2008 (when My Opera was still a thing and had one of the friendliest blogging communities) I always kept it as a general blog, simply because it gave me more room to write about whatever I liked. I created this blog – originally Yellowstoneroad – back in 2012 posting a staggering one post a year until I stopped altogether and just kept to writing stories in my notebooks.  Then I changed it all to in my journey into blogging again in 2015.

I’ve read a few articles online that speak about the importance of a niche as a way to establish a bigger and more loyal readership for a blog, it’s apparently, according to these articles, the best way to make money through blogging (I say apparently because while many must have made money with a niche there’ll always be those who made money without one – those clever exceptions!).

I understand this because I have my crew of bloggers whom I have loyally been reading/following for about seven to eight years now. They all started out with a niche, ie. beauty, skincare, fashion or personal accounts, which over the years evolved into much more than that, now they have a bit of everything included, which makes them sit better in the lifestyle category rather than strictly beauty or skincare as they once did. I still continue to read their blogs because I’ve gotten to know them over the years, I enjoy the content and trust their opinions when it comes to reviews and I just love them. Their all really successful bloggers now with huge readerships and it all started with the niche blog.

But starting with one topic then expanding is easier than starting with a few then honing in on one, or isn’t it?

I wanted to break out of fiction writing and experiment with writing about the kind of topics you find in women’s magazines but not articles, more conversational/opinion posts. But fashion went out the window because I realised I was being directed toward wearing the hijab and changing my dress code and then after writing the post : Can I call myself a writer now,  I had other writers kindly offering me advice and encouragement and to my complete surprise direct messages on Instagram in which other writers were offering their tips and stories (thanks so much guys!).

It got me utterly inspired toward trying my hand at micro and flash fiction which has now kind of taken over all my free time honestly and I am doing some of my best writing ever, so my attempt at breaking free of fiction for a while has actually led me right back to fiction. 🙂

Life, eh? I look at it as God personally telling me to keep going and stay there. And so I am.

Together with this the kinds of things I want to share on my blog are more writing related and it’s not on purpose at all. I’m nervous about having a niche blog because I don’t know if I could sustain writing on one subject over and over again, even if I love it. Based on my drafts folder alone it’s quite clear I have a particular interest and have things to say about it but then with each week there’s always something new and different to discover or get interested in and then want to share.

Also, I don’t know if I could classify my blog as ‘’lifestyle’’ anymore if I have bits of flash fiction floating around, which then makes this a general blog or personal blog I don’t know yet.  I suppose this is something every blogger asks themselves at some point and it’s a good thing I kept the name of the blog my own so I can change it around as I like. Well done me.

Perhaps when the writing related posts really get out of hand I would well and truly have a niche I can’t ignore anymore and until then I’ll just blog about whatever I like, I am after all ‘a girl who likes to write!’


11 thoughts on “The blogging niche conundrum

  1. Glad you liked my post about Costa Rica. The saga will continue for another week or more. When I started my blog, I read all about the niche conundrum and decided I am not a niche person; I have too many interests, issues, travels, recipes, etc. I wanted to share. I know that I might have more followers if I specialized, but I also know that I have a wide variety of followers which suits me well.

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  2. It’s about content, to me. The niche/not to niche argument is falling by the wayside. Like you mentioned, those who previously did have a niche are generalising more. Of course they’ll still blog predominantly in that niche, but they’ve probably figured out, to widen their readership, they need to blog about a few other topics.

    I dunno, my view is, if you like writing, there’s some topics you like writing about and you put your all into that writing, it’ll show, and people will come to read it.

    I like to write about everything. Niches are tricky, because there’s no one niche I fit into!


    1. This is true, content is very important. If you’re going to step out your niche you have to be equally interesting with other topics or else you risk losing all those ”niche followers”. Writing about everything really is the best,it gives so much more freedom doesn’t it? And I find more and more people enjoy blogs that cover everything because we all have so many interests as well! x


      1. Yes to freedom. And definitely agree that I think today more and more people are enjoying reading blogs that have a few different topics, especially when the blog is more of a personal nature. It gives you more of connection to the writer and isn’t that what all writers crave?


      2. Exactly, freedom and connection. I find personal posts get the most comments and interest because people can relate so much more to that, and its exactly why I’ve followed one blog particularly for 8 years now simply because I feel like I know that person. And i love it when others share my thoughts/worries/joys 🙂

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  3. I agree this is something pretty much every blogger has to figure out! I originally was debating being a book/writing based blog as well, but I decided I wanted room to write about more aspects of life that interest me. I think it’s a balance of keeping your options open enough that you never get bored, but narrow enough that people want to come back


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