The five things I gained from waking up earlier. . . (yup, really)

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See, it’s not exactly that I like waking up early but more that I just always do, no matter what. And while it can be really extremely annoying, I thought I’d turn what I’d always viewed as a ‘problem’ into something that could actually benefit me in some way. What I aim for these days, is to be as efficient as I can before 7AM which then gives me a whole entire forty minutes for breakfast before leaving to work – sweet, yes? I definitely prefer this way over what I used to do, i.e scroll Instagram for ages and ages, knowingly waste time and then zip around, housefly style, in a snarky mood and most times on half a slice of toast. But this was the old me and I’m not that person anymore. Okay, I still scroll Instagram (yeah, I’m addicted) but this is in between all my efficiency, and I can stop anytime I want to, ahem.

I’m quite proud to be an early bird these days and so I wrote down my five reasons why. . .

Leisurely breakfasts:  There’s no more inhaling a piece of toast here and guzzling down cold tea there because there’s more time to sit down to a proper breakfast and eat in my own sweet time. I feel like a human again. Seriously though, it feels good to have a decent meal each morning and to know that I’m starting my day well. It automatically makes me want to eat better the rest of the day and whilst I sometimes give in to a sugar craving in the afternoon, the way I eat lately is far better than the way I used to and getting better every day, so, that’s progress people.

Less morning stress:  It really is no fun rushing about in the mornings and I only fully appreciated this once I made the decision to wake up a few hours earlier. Getting ready and just going about with whatever I need to do calmly, sets the pace for the rest of the day. No silly irritations, no grumpy carrying ons, just slow and easy getting on with it. And, checking the time every now and then and finding I still have AGES before work, instant mood booster.

Better sleep: I won’t say it happened immediately, because it didn’t. It took a while for my body to adjust to the trauma of waking up even earlier. After about a week, I started to notice I’d get routinely sleepy by a certain time each night. Thus a steady sleep pattern was born out of an early morning pattern. It’s great the way the body works isn’t it? When you try to help it in some way, it adds in other little amazing things to assist you. My sleep quality has improved as well and I have more energy now than I used to – gotta love perks.

More me time:  Evenings are usually just as busy as mornings, sometimes more so and after a long tedious work day, and pure laziness, it was so much easier to just brush off things I planned to do with a casual ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and then repeat when tomorrow comes. Having an extra hour or two in the morning now gives me that time to focus on the things I want to, like writing, with the added bonus of not having a tired brain. It’s also a brilliant time for creativity and listening to my fingers tap tap tap at my laptop just feels SO EFFICIENT. I love it.

Positive attitude: It’s hard to not have one after a morning like this, isn’t it? I should add here that I also pray and workout and so when you add this to the above list, it really makes one feel like they’ve accomplished a lot and they haven’t even got to work yet. It also lessens the guilt now during lazy evenings when all I can do is eat and watch Seinfeld (really don’t need that guilt while I’m trying to enjoy my nachos and guac). If you start the day feeling like you’ve done a lot, you’re more likely to do so at work and this leads to higher levels of contentment which naturally allows positive vibes to creep into you and make you feel better.

And those are a couple of the benefits I’ve found.

I know tempting those who are lucky enough to not be natural early birds might be impossible, but, if you feel like maybe you aren’t getting as much done in a day as you should, or you don’t have time and energy in the evenings, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give waking up a little earlier a try. We’re all tired every day anyway, might as well feel tired knowing you got shit done than feeling tired knowing you didn’t, right?


8 thoughts on “The five things I gained from waking up earlier. . . (yup, really)

  1. These are all really good points. I am not naturally a morning person… I don’t even know if I’m a night person either. I like to sleep in and go to bed early :/ But, I definitely agree with your points about being less stressed in the morning, which is why I’ve been trying to be consistent with getting up early and giving myself enough time to relax before rushing out the front door!


  2. Love this! I used to start my day at 4:45a.. Would work out and get my life in order. Totally needed to read this. I am encouraged to get back to my early mornings!

    And thanks for the support on my blog ♥️


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